Out of the Comfort Zone – 26 januari 2011

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De Filmkrant proudly presents the third edition of our Slow Criticism Project, a counterbalance to the commodification of film journalism. This year’s theme: Out of the Comfort Zone.

Out of the Comfort Zone: Introduction
An introduction by Dana Linssen.

The no-screen treatment
An interview with Rafi Pitts by Gabe Klinger.

Wild psychoanalysis
Adrian Martin on cinema located at the back of the lead character’s head.

The 21st-Century Cinephile
Girish Shambu on new modes of cinephilic viewing and discourse.

It is not a job anymore
Claudia Siefen wonders if the film making process is becoming a job for the rich.

The Making Up of winterland
Dana Linssen sees her report on the making of a film being incorporated into the final product.

Ferronians touched (Dedicated to John Flynn)
The Ferroni Brigade finds their comfort zone outside of the comfort zone.

Bobbing on boiling water
Jos van der Burg discusses how atrociously bad films have taken him out of his comfort zone a lot more often than astonishingly good ones.

Crix pix? Nix!
Neil Young wonders why film critics are so seldom portrayed in fiction films.

post-mortem discomfort
Pamela Biénzobas was taken out of her comfort zone by the final minutes of Pablo Larraín’s post mortem.

Too close and not yet: Touching boundaries
Pepita Hesselberth is particularly disconcerted by the ‘handheld aesthetic’ in films such as rosetta.

The allure of spectacle: Adam Curtis’ it felt like a kiss
Richard Porton on the most provocative and disturbing film he saw in recent months.

Re-Viewing (or: A beautiful film about love)
Tom Mes writes about reviewing, re-viewing and re-reviewing Miike Takashi’s ichi the killer.