Slow Criticism 2013

The other side(s) of the world II

  • Datum 24-01-2013
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Slow Criticism 2013 sees a repetition of the cinephile game we inven­ted last year. We simply had too much fun figuring all these cinematic cybernetic travel schedules out. All this here and back again. This far away so close. The idea was to bring film critics from all around the globe together with premieres from the International Film Festival Rotterdam from countries that were as far away from their current location as possible. ¡Vivan las antipodas! so to say. Since film critics are always travelling, in real life or their minds, we had to cheat a little, many people took detours, most of us crossed time zones, if only in the many nocturnal emails we exchanged to make it all happen. It definitely could not have worked without the kind assistance of IFFR’s Lisa Gribling, who helped in making all these films available via a preview platform. Now we have one destination left: Rotterdam. The Big Screen. These capsules might give you an idea what to watch. Full texts are available at Bon voyage! Set sail in those turquoise days.

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